Similar keyword API provides list of keywords containing the seed keyword

Similar keywords SEO API


Similar keywords

Get thousands of similar keywords to your seed keyword

Keyword research, image has magnifying glasses

Who can benefit from our Similar keywords API

Similar keywords API helps develop automatic applications that finds new keywords ideas

SEO API request and reply example

Easily accessable

Use secure web API to access the data, from any programming language



Competitive pricing, all our pricing tiers offers the API


Advance filters

Filter by: Search volume, Keyword difficulty, Keyword classification, Max volume

How to use the API

Our SEO API is easy to use, the requests are done using HTTPS, the reply is JSON, Request example: http://apiurl/&apitype=similarkeyword&keyword=seo&from=0&to=5 More details can be found here: Similar keywords API Details


For internal research you are allocated number of API credits each month, for all other purposes you need to contact us to get a custom pricing