Main features of our SEO API


Keyword research

Get keyword search volume, search results, and classification

Keyword research, image has magnifying glasses
Backlink checker, image has number of open Windows with links

Backlink checker

Audit the backlinks of your website or the competition


URL Classification

Get the classification of web sites or keywords

URL Classification, image shows desktop screen with various graphs
Backlink research, image shows magnifying glasses on a link

Backlink research

Get specific link or pages that contain your keyword


Who can benefit from our SEO API

Our SEO API can benefit tech savvy audience that wish to improve/augment the offering to their users

SEO API request and reply example

Internal research

Use our API to automate repeating tasks and eliminate data entry all together, focus on your logic and specialty, get the data you need automatically


Plugin integration

Show your users specific data to help them with their SEO/Marketing effort


White label

Build your own SEO software or SAAS, use our data completely or augment the data your already have


Add as an offering

Allow your users to purchase a license from us, and provide them data from your application using their API key

How to use the SEO API

Our SEO API is easy to use, the requests are done using HTTPS, the reply is JSON, the API can be used from any language that can make HTTPS requests, more details on the API can be found here: API Details


For internal research you are allocated number of API credits each month, for all other purposes you need to contact us to get a custom pricing