Refund policy

You may cancel the purchase of the Services within 14 days after (i) the purchase or (ii) receipt of purchase documentation, the later thereof. In the event you purchase a monthly subscription, you may cancel each month and such cancellation shall be in force with regards to your next payment. If you purchase an annual subscription, you may only cancel the purchase within the first 14 days.

In the event that your cancellation is due to the following reasons: (a) the Services did not match the description of such (b) the Service was not provided on time subject to the terms of the purchase or (c) a breach by Keyword Standings of the Terms of Service, you shall receive full refund within 14 days of your cancellation.

In the event the you wish to cancel the Services for any other reason, you shall receive a refund in the amount of the full purchase price minus (a) 25$ or (b) 5% of the purchase price, the lower of these, within 14 days of cancellation. You can notify Keyword Standings of your will to cancel the Services by contacting us by (i) email:

For residents of Israel, you can look at our: Hebrew refund policy.