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Over 100 billion Total backlinks in database
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Over 20 billion Total pages in database
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Over 500 million domains
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Features of SEO Explorer's backlinks explorer tool

Links inspection checklist

Check own links

See who's linking to your website, is it a favorable context? and disavow spammy links

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Competitors' backlinks

Discover new linking opportunities, see who links to your competition, and acquire new links

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Domain score checker

Check domain score, see how authoritative a website is

Two people next to a outgoing link sign

Outgoing links explorer

See where a site links to, get links from sites the competition links to

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Meta keyword search

Search for pages that contain a keyword in: Title, description and keywords meta tag

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Links explorer search engine

Search for a link by anchor text, discover linking opportunities the competition doesn't use

Various categories

Backlink's category profile

See the categories of a website's backlink, know right away if the links are spammy or legit

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Top anchors

See a website's top linking anchors

.com TLD on a computer screen

Links TLD distribution

See the TLD link profile of a website, understand the quality of the backlinks

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