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Categorized keyword research

What is keyword research

Keyword research is an essential factor when doing content marketing. The keywords you choose can make or break your content.

Google primary role is to cater for the searcher intent, if the searcher searches for: “restaurant in New York City”, the top results should be restaurants from New York City and not restaurants from Buffalo.

Google role in satisfying searcher intent means that the article needs to satisfy search intent. If the article fulfils the search intent that is rarely searched, the article will get almost no visits if at all.

For example, a blog post about: “How to train my dog with a ray gun”. Unless someone searches for this or similar, for example: “ray gun dog training”, the article doesn’t satisfy any search intent.

What is Google BERT?

NLP boxes

Bert is an NLP model (Natural Language Processing) that is facilitating Google search since Oct 2019.

Up until then, Google was mostly keyword-based, so the search: “How to train my dog with a ray gun” and the search “ray gun dog training” could yield two different search results, although they mean the same thing.

With BERT, Google is trying to understand the intent behind the search and provide the most relevant result, which means multiple keywords can have the same intent, and give the same results.

Google’s focus on intent changed keyword research and article writing by focusing more on the intent of the search and less on having different articles with different keywords in each but having the same intent.

Going back to the ray gun example, having an article called: “How to train my dog with a ray gun” and an article “ray gun dog training” is counterproductive.

What is a long-tail keyword search?

Long tail keywords with laptop and graph chart illustration vector illustration

One of the best strategies to bring organic traffic to new blogs is to use long-tail keywords. These are keyword that has at least three words and have low search volume (but not zero search volume). Furthermore, the keyword shouldn’t have high competition.

When targeting the right keyword, even if the blog doesn’t have authority yet, the search engines can show the article in the first page or even first spots because there are no other relevant results.

For example, the keyword “Restaurant in New York”, a new blog will not rank for it, but for the less searched keyword “Restaurant in New York with arch door”, if someone searches for that word, and you wrote about it, you should be ranked first.

The challenge is to find keywords that people search for, but no one else wrote about.

What is categorized keyword research?

Our keyword research tool offers a unique feature that allows searching for keywords based on category.

Let’s take a pet’s food owner, that wants to do content marketing on the matter. Let’s take the keyword: “dog food”. This keyword has 95k searches per month (at the time of writing this blog post), and a keyword difficulty of 55, which is not easy.

Dog food keyword screenshot with SEO Explorer's keyword explorer tool

Also, it has more than 27,000 similar keywords to choose from, which is good, but any decent keyword researcher will do the same research and try to rank on these keywords.

Dog food's similar keywords with SEO Explorer's keyword explorer tool

A novel method to use is to find keywords based on the classification filter. In the similar keywords tool, we entered the keyword food, and we got almost 500,000 keywords that contain the word “food”. To narrow it down, we filter it by the classification of “Pets and animals”, which gives us a little more than 11,000 results, but with keywords, we didn’t even think about.

Food filtered with pets categories screen shot made by SEO Explorer's keyword explorer tool

We can further narrow it by selecting a max volume of zero. Zero searches mean it has under 300 searches per month. Now we have almost 10,000 keywords.

We can narrow it down even more by filtering with “show questions”, now we have 1,352 keywords to select from, all of them short tail and related to pet’s food.

Many filters for long tail research screenshot with SEO Explorer's keyword explorer tool




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